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BIDS (Budget Information Development System) is a budget application development platform which simplifies the creation of powerful budgeting systems for governments. BIDS offers completely flexible forms, workflow, business rules, security, and integration options and is the ideal solution to accommodate unique needs and business processes without forcing customers to change their process to adapt to rigid software.


Our team, with its 20 years of experience in public sector budgeting, developed BIDS when we realized that the majority of available budget systems were designed for commercial interests and failing to meet the needs of public sector customers.


From inception, our government-tailored BIDS was designed to have the flexibility and adaptability to replicate almost any budget process. Major governmental organizations from the US to Australia have chosen BIDS to serve as their central tool for budget formulation and execution and are delighted with their systematic improvement. Performa's solutions allow them to focus on strategy rather than process, implement a unified workflow that caters to unique departmental and documentation requirements, and effortlessly manage all their data in a single application.







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