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For the local government financial management and budget professional, Performa has a simple goal: Make your life easier.


Our technology and services can provide you with the information, data, forecasting, and narratives that you need to develop budgets and brief your local leaders. Performa can meet your needs with solutions for your unique township, city, or county. We can help you keep track of budget changes, evaluate your priorities, and organize your data to make it accessible. We can make the painful exercise of budget cuts an easier task. Providing transparency, doing strategic planning, and ensuring accountability – things being demanded by elected leaders and residents – can all be enhanced, simplified, and smoother. Let Performa show you how our dedicated local government system, Performa Cloud Budgeting (PCB), can help streamline your entire budgeting process.


We also realize that solving problems requires more than just technology. Partnership is one of Performa’s key values. Our team members have experience in implementing budget systems – as developers and business owners.  We can offer lessons learned that can help you save time and money with your roll-out.  We have subject matter experts who have extensive experience in budget execution and development and strategic planning/performance matrices.   Our staff are comprised of past budget analysts and budget directors who truly understand your challenges and pain points. Performa brings innovative solutions, mentorship, and training to solve your budgeting needs. We partner with you to work side-by-side to improve your business process, implement an easy-to-use budget system, and ultimately give you back your weekends.


In local government finance offices, there is often a gap – resources, time, and capital are in short supply. You are always asked to do more with less. Our vision for local government is one where we invest in your success, because if you are not successful in your mission, then neither are we.


Annual budgets are among the most important efforts undertaken by all levels of government. This is especially true at the local level, where residents remain keenly aware of the services provided by their municipalities and counties and the limited financial resources available to facilitate them.  Rather than offering you an off-the shelf, inflexible product or trying to pigeonhole your budget practices into rigid software, Performa is here to collaborate with you to define and develop a budgeting system that will meet the needs of the budget office, elected officials, your divisions, and your entire constituency.




Performa Cloud Budgeting


PCB is a cloud-based budgeting system built specifically for local government. It easily handles the narrative descriptions and justifications that you need for budget development and strategic planning.  PCB seamlessly allows for the integration of budgeting and performance metrics.   Budget requests can be linked to unlimited executive priorities and strategic plans thus allowing for more informed decision making. PCB accommodates line-item budgeting within an adjustment framework.  It can easily integrate with other financial systems used by your locality.

Other Key Features of PCB for local governments:


• Supports numerous type of budgeting: zero based, performance, line-item, evidence-based, etc

• Accommodates multi-year operating budgets and capital budgeting

• Simplifies the publication of the Budget Book

• All narrative entered throughout the year can be fed into the Budget Book

• Provides powerful pre-formatted reports

• Enables users to build ad-hoc reports to meet any reporting need

• Enables long-term planning and forecasting

• Configurable dashboards to understand key business factors at a glance

• Removes the complexities and repeated manual calculations of payroll forecasting

• Offers a sophisticated, configurable workflow

• Comprehensive audit trail showing every user interaction, what changed, and when





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