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For over 25 years, the Performa Group has built and delivered complex, decision-enabling solutions for government and enterprise with a focus on meeting each customer’s unique and individual needs. Our flagship budgeting software, BIDS, was custom-developed to function for the incremental style of budget formulation through adjustments within an outcome-based framework. Our solutions were built to give the right information to the right people at the right time.


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BIDS is a proven solution specifically designed to enable more efficient and effective decision making by:


• Allowing users to focus on strategy rather than process management.

• Mastering complex business processes so that change is not a problem.

• Tailoring to your unique approach so that you can see, approve and share data your way through the BIDS adaptive workflow.

o Unlock the ability for users to manage any type of process: From budgets, to grants, to cases, through any workflow you need.

• Enabling you to cater to specific requirements, reducing resistance to buy-in across the organization. For example:

o Case management – Unlock the ability for your case managers to track all required information across multiple populations, integrating data from across the business.

o Grants management – Support the full grant life cycle tracking all necessary data while maintaining regulatory and audit compliance from application to closeout.

• Effortlessly managing your data, allowing unlimited text, forms, security, time, analysis, and reporting.





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